About Us

The Cooperation section is one of the sections in the Bureau of Cooperation, Alumni and International Affairs which was formed with the aim of helping to realize the vision and mission of UNIDA Gontor in the scope of cooperation both at home and abroad.


Become an implementing unit for cooperation with various domestic and foreign partners towards quality and meaningful UNIDA Gontor.


  1. Carry out an administrative function in the cooperation section with good quality.
  2. Developing good, quality, effective and beneficial networks and cooperation with various domestic and foreign parties.
  3. Managing cooperation and facilitating the UNIDA Gontor academic community in implementing cooperation related to the development of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education and strengthening the network.
  4. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of cooperation within the scope of UNIDA Gontor.

Our Contact and Address

Jl. Raya Siman, Kelurahan Demangan, Kecamtan Siman, Kabupaten Ponorogo
Email: internationaloffice@unida.gontor.ac.id